Zinc Copper Roofing

Zinc Copper Roofing

At Nationwide, we are experts in the practice of metal cladding. The process is essential for providing a degree of thermal insulation, weather resistance, external protection and enhancing the appearance of buildings.

Copper and Zinc Roofing

Metal cladding can be made from different types, depending on the requirements of your building. Zinc and copper all have individual properties that lend themselves well to effective cladding. Here’s what each of them involve:

Zinc Roofing and Cladding

Zinc is a popular choice as it comes with a wide range of advantages, including:

    • From an aesthetic perspective, zinc offers a stylish element for buildings with its shiny, mirror-like appearance that wears well over time.


    • Beyond this, it also boasts fantastic durability – having been proven to last 100 years or more as long as it is correctly designed, constructed and maintained. As part of its natural properties, it is weatherproof, corrosion proof and light-resistant. It is also self-healing, meaning if it becomes scratched, the zinc roofing material can recover by itself over time.


    • Because of this, zinc roofs come with a low maintenance care regime. Even in harsh climates, it can be installed and essentially forgotten about – making it highly appealing to many customers who wish to avoid constant upkeep.


    • As a result of its hard-wearing and long-lasting nature, zinc is also extremely cost-effective. Plus, the longevity of this material means it boasts great green credentials – as well as the fact that it is easily recyclable. This is because a zinc roof takes less energy to produce than other metal systems, as it has a lower melting point.


  • Zinc is a flexible metal, something that many customers enjoy as it is so versatile. The material can be used to envelop entire buildings, and can be shaped to follow a number of curves and angles. This makes it highly suitable for forming flashing around chimneys and dormer windows, as well as the main body of the roof.

Copper Roofing and Cladding

Copper is another alternative metal that has been used to cover roofs for centuries. You will mostly see the likes of medieval buildings roofed in copper, with most of these still intact to this day. Besides its evident durability, there are a variety of other reasons why copper cladding is so popular:

    • With this durability, if installed professionally, the life expectancy of a copper roof can exceed 50 years. As such, this roof type is one of the more cost-effective options compared to other materials that are easily affected by unpredictable weather conditions such as rainfall, hail, mildew and even fire.


    • Copper is extremely lightweight, making it easy to transport, cut, install and maintain – making the entire process faster and easier. Because of this, it places a lot less stress on the structure of the building compared to the likes of a lead or tiled roof.


    • As it is light, it is also highly flexible, and can be shaped to suit even the most irregular of surfaces. As a result, copper is a trouble-free material that can be used to roof most buildings with little difficulty.


    • Copper is a very eco-friendly material. As metal reflects heat rather than absorbs it, copper roofing makes it easier to control the costs associated with heating and cooling your property. When you add in the fact that copper is durable and 100% recyclable, this material comes highly recommended as a way of reducing environmental footprints.


  • It is also a very attractive-looking material. Many will recognise it from period buildings, giving it an enviable traditional elegance that cannot be achieved by other metals. Much like its sister material zinc, its appearance gets gradually better with age. Except with copper, you can expect its initial gold shine to develop into a unique blue-green colour. Many examples of copper roofs can be seen in Northern Ireland, especially Belfast City Centre, as well as all over Ireland and other European countries.

PREFA Aluminium Roofs

PREFA is an acclaimed industry supplier that has been manufacturing façades and roofs made from robust aluminium for over 75 years.

The roofs are planned and installed by competent partners to protect homes for decades. We are proud to say that Nationwide Roofing and Cladding is a member of this trusted partner network. With this accreditation, we are not only able to offer expert knowledge on how aluminium roofing can benefit your home, but we can also construct and fit an aluminium roof to your exact requirements.

With PREFA products, you can expect a sustainable, durable and attractive roofing solution. As aluminium is 100% recyclable, without loss of quality. In the recycling process, only 5% of the original manufacturing energy is required. Also, PREFA largely uses recycled aluminium, AKA ‘secondary aluminium’, making it a very environmentally-friendly material to choose.

Aluminium roofs are renowned for being extremely durable in terms of material and colour. With PREFA, they provide a guarantee of up to 40 years for roofs and façades.

An aluminium roof from PREFA does not break and weighs only a fraction of a conventional roof, therefore making it an ideal choice for roof renovations of any kind.

PREFA aluminium products are a fantastic option if protection from unpredictable weather conditions is a priority for you. In exposed areas, the number of clips is increased to suit requirements and the type of fixing (nails or screws) is chosen in line with the wind load, making it a totally customised alternative compared to other metal roofs.

At Nationwide Roofing & Cladding, we have a wealth of experience installing zinc and copper roofs and in this time, have worked on a huge range of projects that showcase this expertise. Fitted by our roofing and cladding experts, your zinc or copper roof will last a lifetime and even longer – protecting your home or commercial building from everyday elements and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Check out some of our previous work to see what we can do for you. If you’re still wondering which type of roof is best for you – simply get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to help.

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